Meet our Executive team

About Cyril Girard

Cyril Girard is a Production Technologist professional with 25 years experience in the Oil & Gas industry, specializing in Artificial Lift.

I founded Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE AS in 2018 to bring my pairing of vendor and operator experience to the oil industry.

Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE provides expert, worldwide support to operators & technology start-ups focusing on Artificial Lift technologies.

We are here for Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE!
Why Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE

Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE focuses on value creation utilizing a holistic approach of Artificial Lift as a system, from sandface to separator.

At Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE, I work with competent, dedicated and highly experienced professionals. As a team, we are here to provide world class services covering all sections of the Artificial Lift Lifecycle.

We are here to ensure that our customer’s Artificial Lift systems are reliable and robust, that production related availability is increased, and that the project economy is maximized.

We believe that strong technical design expertise combined with excellent execution are key contributing factors to the success of all Artificial Lift projects.


I am an Automation & Process engineer by education. In my early career, I worked in the space industry on the Ariane 5 Rocket Launcher. During that time, I became accustomed to rocket science, which has actually helped me immensely in many complex Artificial Lift challenges 🙂 

During my extensive career in Oil & Gas, I have worked both onshore and offshore in a variety of Petroleum Engineering roles and locations, such as Wire Line Engineer, Production Supervisor, Production Engineer and as an Artificial Lift Expert on various Artificial Lift methods.

My heart beats fast for the engineering part of the Artificial Lift lifecycle!


Some of my interests include Baroque & Renaissance classical music, history, sumo, aeronautics, good food, and enjoying time with my family.