Meet our Executive team

About The ALE Team

Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE is comprised of highly experienced individuals creating ad-hoc teams for each specific client project. The Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE team of highly competent, dedicated, and experienced professionals are your independent partners for maximizing the value of Artificial Lift Systems in a holistic approach – from reservoir characterization to sand face to separator.

Our backgrounds are as diverse as they can be. Our team consist of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with the skills, knowledge, training and experience you need to ensure the success of your Artificial Lift project. Our team includes experts in disciplines ranging from service providers to operators, from engineers to project managers, from artificial lift specialists to production technology generalists. 

We assist our clients with a range of comprehensive production services, artificial lift project management, G&G projects, legal technical assistance, contract review and training. Our experience in onshore, offshore, renewables, and special applications ensures our clients receive unparalleled assistance with all aspects of complex Artificial Lift Systems and advanced Reservoir Characterization.

Our specialized offering includes: QA/QC, R&D, System Design, Engineering Studies, Technology Qualification, Manufacturing Audits, Project Documentation Review, Installation & Commissioning, Digitalization & Production Optimization, Failure Investigation & Remediation, Integrated Reservoir Characterization, Dynamic/ Static/3D Reservoir Modeling, Seismic Interpretation, Geologic Evaluations, Multidisciplinary Integration, Petrophysics Database Creation, Core Data Integration, Formation Evaluation, Rock Typing, and more. 

We make your Artificial Lift projects a success!
Why Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE

Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE is an independent company. We concentrate on providing high-quality engineering services to our customers. We are completely free to propose the best available technology, no matter which brand it is, and no matter how it might affect our sales volumes.


The diversity of our team enables us to provide all the necessary support services you need for your Artificial Lift projects! Through excellent communication, we acknowledge the interdependencies of one discipline to the others, and thereby ensure your project receives the best support possible. 


Here you can see the many and varied disciplines Artificial EXCELLENCE AS currently covers: 


The team at Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE includes many different characters from various cultures and backgrounds. Even with such a diverse team, we still have a couple of key interests in common:

*We all love good food and traveling.

*We all enjoy lively conversations.

*We all enjoy working in teams to help solve the complex problems facing our clients!