Digitalization & Production Optimization

Digitalization & Production Optimization

In the past few years, digitalization has become one of the most used key words relating to high production efficiency.

Both service companies and operators are working on digitalization projects.

As an independent company, we know what is substantial to make your production optimization projects a success.

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How can we support you?

Digitalization is a vast topic.

It may start with getting real-time data from your Artificial Lift systems right into your office, setting automatic alarms and reactions, supporting your engineers at production monitoring and new designs, and feeding whole field simulations.

The production optimization potential, especially for gas lifted fields, is enormous. Real time lift gas dispatching, on the basis of where lift gas currently is, generates the most value.

It can support your separator system with virtual flow measurements, automatically measure corrosion and bring all data clearly arranged together. It can help your operators to keep regular maintenance in a structured way and identifies saving potentials at stock maintenance and logistics. 

Generating value for your company – this is our most important goal.

Let’s make sure that your wells keep on flowing! Our team can support you in selecting the most valuable digitalization methods for your fields and facilitate optimizing your production operations.

But Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE goes even further – we love to support your production operations!

We turn data into information, trends into predictive failure indications and surveillance into longer pump run life!

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