Artificial Lift Project Management

Artificial Lift Project Management

What does it take to make an Artificial Lift Project successful? Is it enough to have a good pump design?

What about resource planning, risk management, cost and progress control, stakeholder management and management of change?

At Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE, we know that a successful Artificial Lift project requires more than a good pump design.

We assist our clients with expert resource planning, risk management, cost and progress control, stakeholder management and change management.

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How can we support you?

Since we have played an integral role on so many successful artificial lift projects, we know how to execute a project in time and on budget.

We are highly experienced in connecting team members of different disciplines and cultures. We understand them and we know what is significant for the project’s success. Our experience centers on geologists and reservoir engineers discussing reservoir uncertainties, process and facility engineers worrying about transient production periods, service companies enabling equipment and resource logistics, and project management enforcing achievement of economical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

We are confident that our experience in building the bridge from highly specialized engineers to interested senior management will ensure everyone involved in your Artificial Lift project is on the same page.

We are experts who know which project decisions need to be taken at which time. We know what successful change management means and how single decisions may affect other processes afterwards.

Our team always thinks positive. Nevertheless, it is important to know what could happen during a project. We are highly attuned to detailed risk management for every single process, from project kick-off until start-of-operation, and beyond.


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