Manufacturing Audit

Manufacturing Audit

Audits allow us to conduct a first-hand review of the Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing and QA/QC processes.

Through this type of audit, Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE helps our clients to identify any potential technical risks or schedule delays for your Artificial Lift Project.

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How can we support you?

We are your trusted partner in expert audits of manufacturing processes at vendors and sub-vendors of your equipment.

Through this invaluable process, we can check upfront that the vendor will be able to deliver the requested quality of equipment in due time for your project.

We care about what is essential to meet your high expectations for the QA/QC Process:

  • Understanding & Matching Customer Requirements
  • Assurance of Suppliers of Critical Components
  • Management of Planned Activity
  • Change Control
  • Material & Component Traceability
  • Organisational Learning

We focus on an independent review of the facts and concentrate on support for process improvement and intervention, if necessary.

Of course, we also follow up on the implementation of findings and recommendations.


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