We specialise in engineering a full system approach to maximize Artificial Lift value creation from early phase project to first oil.

For many engineers, Offshore field developments represent the royal class of engineering.

The promise of high oil production rates makes it possible to think beyond ‘off-the-rack’ technologies, investing in safer, more efficient and more reliable solutions. Generally, longer field development phases allow for new technology development, which can be tailor-made for the specific application. 

Offshore fields, especially subsea developments, offer flexibility in terms of time and cost, but they are unforgiving in terms of reliability. Low maintenance systems are of the utmost importance to optimize the field’s economics over its entire lifetime. 

There are very few other applications where it is so crucial for engineers of various disciplines to work in teams.

We support your team from the first idea to execution, and we understand all languages – from drilling engineer to operator.

We guide your hydrocarbons from sand face to separator! 


Some of our favourite challenges in the past:

To give you an idea of possible discussion points, we are here to support you with:

  • Production Rates: High Volume GL
  • Complexity: ESP DST PCP 
    • Design (Canada Neufundland)
  • Reliability: Subsea ESP 
    • Visund Water Producer
  • Advanced Reliability: Dual ESP Combined with GL 
    • Long AL System Reliability on the NCS