Renewable Energy


We are maximizing Artificial Lift value creation from early phase project to start-up considering a full system approach


Renewable Energies represent an attractive alternative to conventional oil and gas consumption for heating and electricity. Especially geothermal energy may reduce the dependence on fossile fuels as an almost infinite, environmentally friendly energy source.


Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE offers tailor made, interesting and interactive Artificial Lift Courses about Geothermal Energy Production for operators and academia. Our goal is to deepen the students’ understanding and include a holistic production technology view from sandface to processing. We are focusing on high rate AL systems; parallels and differences to the oil and gas industry, technology selection, necessary adaptations and new technologies.


For our clients we offer all services around Artificial Lift on Renewable Energy Projects – from feasibility, design and installation, to operation, failure analysis and run life optimization.

Your geothermal wells may represent a challenge with regards to scaling, corrosion and high temperatures.


Especially in this application, high availability, reliability and flexibility are key for the economic success of the projects.


We are here to support you with

  • Training of your operational staff on challenges in renewable energy applications
  • Project Value increase by intervention strategy, contract and stock management support
  • Design Optimization based on tear down, failure analysis, application assessment
  • Energy Efficiency by optimal design, combination and operation of AL components


To get the full overview of how we can support you, please find our Lifecycle Support here.