Special Applications

We specialise in engineering a full system approach to maximize Artificial Lift value creation from early phase project to first oil.

Very few fields look the same. Oftentimes, different artificial lift solutions are required from one field to another.

In the past few decades, it has become more attractive to develop new harsh environments, apply new reservoir technologies or even change the business model from hydrocarbons to geothermal energy.

With changing applications, the production equipment also needs to be fit for the new conditions. 

We support you from sand face to separator, and our team loves to find the right Artificial Lift method for your specific application:

  • High GOR
  • Hydrate Production
  • High Pressure High Temperature
  • Thermal EOR (SAGD)
  • Shale Gas
  • Miscible EOR (CO2, N2, Gas Flooding)
  • Shale Oil
  • Chemical EOR (Polymer, Surfactant/Alkali Flooding)


Some of our favourite challenges in the past:

  • Innovation: Gas Hydrate ESP
    • (South Korea)
  • Viscosity: ESPs Producing up to 350 cp Dry Viscosity
    • (Peregrino, Brazil)
  • GOR: Conversion GL to ESP – up to 70% GVF
    • (Total, Congo)
  • Variety: SAGD ESP, Longstroke SRP and PCP m2m
    • (Statoil Leismer, Canada)
  • Fluid Complexity: Polymer Backproduction with SRP+ESP
    • (Chemical EOR Fields, Global)
  • Flexibility: AL Design for Shale Oil with Varying Inflow, High Gas and Solids
    • (Bakken, US)


If you want to know more, or if you don’t see your special application on this list, contact us to discuss your Artificial Lift application!