Technology Qualification

Technology Qualification

Technology Qualification shall demonstrate that a selected equipment component is capable to fulfill its function under the specific conditions of your application.
International and national standards and recommended practices like API/ISO/IEEE/NORSOK/DNV build references to guide through the qualification process.

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How we can support you:

We are ensuring that conceptual or already designed equipment is compliant to the selected standard – from the vendor’s Design Qualification (DQ) to Factory acceptance test (FAT). We create project specific qualification requirements for non-standard and challenging applications.

We are offering a large range of equipment qualification reviews, depending on your needs: From few pages Technical Assessment Report (TAR) to a full Technical Qualification Plan (TQP). Our team is leading you through the whole qualification process, from initial documentation of desired functions and expectations, through assessment and testing to identification of relevant failure modes. Step by step we are supporting you qualifying the component for your application, thereby increasing applicability and confidence in the component.


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