Failure Investigation and Remediation

Failure Investigation and Remediation

Eventually all mechanical rotating and static systems will fail, sometimes with significant consequences for the field's economics. In order to elongate the lifetime of your equipment, it is absolutely necessary to know the most substantial failure reasons in your fields.

A good understanding of your most important Artificial Lift failure causes is crucial for:

  • optimized stock and contract management
  • elongating the AL system life time, thereby
    • reducing deferred production during waiting for well intervention
    • reducing cost of well intervention (rig availability) and new AL equipment

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How we can support you:

Investigation – Our team is supporting you at preparation, execution and analysis of pulling jobs and professional Dismantle, Inspection and Failure Analysis (DIFA) jobs. 

Analysis – Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) requires structure, accuracy and long experience, to find the ultimate reason why a failure has happened. We are working as independent experts with many years of failure investigation experience. Thereby, we make sure that the contractual liability is addressed, and of course support you in failure mitigation actions.

Remediation – Once the predominant failures in your fields are known, we are offering support in


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