Day after day your diverse production team must be able to keep track of your daily production challenges and be prepared for future field developments. Facing the current generation change, training is getting more and more essential for your team.

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How we can support you:

Since we are coming from the oil fields and not from academia, we are proposing interactive, interesting and immediately applicable training workshops instead of lectures.

We care about what is essential for your team:

  • which knowledge level does your team already have (we appreciate a good discipline mix, so don’t forget your drillers, electricians and project managers)
  • which Artificial Lift systems and applications are of interest
  • what are the day-to-day challenges
  • what are the most significant measures they can apply immediately after the training sessions
  • how they can work together in a multidisciplinary team
  • how we can prepare and guide them for any non-standard applications planned in the future
  • how we can support you after the training

We organize tailor made classes dedicated to your operations and production environment. You can select from different training modules, to tailor your course to your specific applications, disciplines and interests.

Your team shall be able to get immediate value of the training program in their daily work. Our goal is to build deep understanding and include a holistic production technology view from sandface to separator.

Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE offers its training courses in collaboration with the Malaga & Copenhagen Drilling School – here you find all details to our class room trainings.

Are you missing a specific training course on the website or would you like to know more – contact us !