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Today’s modern industry offers countless artificial lift systems, from standard to very special. But not everything that is available is truly necessary or reasonable. The reverse is also true – not everything that is desired is readily available…

As an independent partner, Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE is happy to find the right AL system for you. This might be a proven standard system from stock, a customized system for your special application, or a tailor-made system specifically developed for you!

You can find some of our favourite Artificial Lift technologies here. They range from standard to quite special applications: 

The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.
Oren Harari

ESP: 1916 by A Arutunoff
PCP: 1930 by R Moineau
SRP: 1845 ! C.E Drake
Gas lift: 1864 /1929/1944 for IPO by W.R King.