Dual ESP

Dual ESP

In more recent years, Dual ESP systems have become popular in various set-ups and applications.

Depending on whether you are using a parallel or serial configuration, Dual ESP systems either improve redundancy, controllability, and head generation, or facilitate separate production from different horizons.

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In a Parallel Back-up ESP, the Dual ESPs in parallel set-up can be used to add redundancy to the ESP string. Even though the lifetime of the Artificial Lift method is not double, at least some production can be achieved with the back-up ESP once the main ESP has failed. Therefore dual ESP systems can significantly reduce deferred production during the waiting for workover rig. Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE supports our clients in designing both ESPs with special focus on material selection and operational procedures, to ensure the back-up ESP is successfully working whenever necessary.

In a Parallel commingled Dual ESP, the Dual ESPs can also be used for highly controlled production of two reservoirs with different pressure and productivity. In this set-up the ESPs balance the inflow characteristics and produce either commingled or one-zone at a time to surface. We are very experienced in flow modeling for this very specific application, especially finding the optimal design combination for your reservoirs!

The Parallel concentric Dual ESP is another parallel application of the independent Dual ESP with dual concentric tubing strings to produce separately from two different reservoir sections without mixing the reservoir fluids. Here, our focus lays in selection of pump and string dimensions, to facilitate having two strings at once in your well.

The Serial dual ESP set-up is used when large heads need to be produced. In this application, the lower pump acts like a booster pump, increasing the inlet pressure of the upper pump. This application requires the right selection of parts that tolerate strong pressure fluctuations. We are happy to support you with this design!


Publications worth sharing:

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OTC-15369-MS – Back-up ESP


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