ESP Controlled Dump Flood

ESP Controlled Dump Flood

When water injection wells offer a separate aquifer, it is possible to produce the aquifer and inject it via ESP into the injection zone below. Thereby, in the best case drilling a separate well for water production and injection can be saved – representing a tremendous economic impact especially for offshore applications.

In contrast to the gravity driven or natural dump flood, the ESP controlled dump flood offers the possibility of producing from a deeper aquifer or boosting pressure from a shallower aquifer in a controlled way.

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Here the ESP performance depends on both productivity of the production zone and injectivity of the injection zone, which both may change over the pump’s life time.

This application requires considerable modeling experience to get the ESP system design right at the first time.

In addition the ESP can be installed in different ways – depending on where the ESP is landed, it can be executed with inverted ESP systems or including a pod /encapsulation.

Your prudent knowledge about the productivity and injectivity of both layers build the fundamentals of our complex application design.


Publications worth sharing:

SPE-95170-MS – CT deployed ESP Dump Flood

SPE-175352-MS – Tandem packer ESP Dump Flood


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