Gas Hydrate Production with ESP

Gas Hydrate Production with ESP

This pretty special application has the goal to produce gas from a hydrate bearing water reservoir.

In this application, the ESP is placed on top of the solid hydrate section and produces water through the tubing. Thereby, the bottom hole flowing pressure is reduced, which leads to hydrate conversion to natural gas.

But what does an ESP design look like for this application?

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How can we support you?

In this application, we set the focus for the ESP on a gassy fluid ESP design on the one side, while also specifically focusing on the accurate drawdown control of the system on the other side.

It is crucial to carefully operate the ESP system in order to balance the required dissociation pressure without pumping off.

Our team is very experienced in setting up system controls to make your operators’ life easier in that respect.

As experts in automation, we can help you in building automatic alarms and reacting on changing fluid properties into the control system.


Publications worth sharing:

OTC-25310-MS – ESP Completion

SPE-182230-MS – Gas Hydrate production challenges


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