ESPs for High GOR Wells

ESPs for High GOR Wells

Once bottom hole flowing pressure drops below the bubble point, significant free gas evolves out of the solution.

Highly efficient ESPs may suddenly and substantially suffer from the free gas at the intake. Therefore, special care needs to be taken on gas-tolerating designs.

Currently, the industry offers solutions for up to 70% GVF; but not every technology is possible or necessary for every well.

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How can we support you?

There are several approaches to adapt ESP designs to gassy fluids.

The application of flow diverting pods, adapting pump setting depths, and of course the numerous special parts (gas separators, booster stages) which may help to qualify your ESP system for gassy wells.

Our team supports you in analyzing the impact severity of free gas on the ESPs over time and recommends the best economic technology for your application.


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