Geothermal ESP

Geothermal ESP

One of the hottest topics for Artificial Lift is an ESP application in geothermal wells as a sustainable energy source.

  • Hydrothermal Systems (low and high enthalpy systems) in sedimentary and fractured carbonates with existing aquifers transfer heat energy for heating, but commercial electricity generation is also possible (>120°C).

  • Petrothermal Systems (EGS - Enhanced Geothermal Systems) generate electricity from geothermal energy in deeper crystalline formations without an aquifer, using the Hot Dry Rock (HDR) process.

Of course, in both applications your Artificial Lift system must withstand high temperatures, but what else is important?

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How can we support you?

Usually geothermal applications need high production rates to generate economic heat output. In this case, special attention should be paid on motor and seal section.

In order to withstand high temperatures, we review design and material selection in detail.

In addition, we account for solid content, naturally occurring radioactivity, scaling tendency and corrosivity of the produced hot water.

Our team supports you in selecting the right ESP system and reasonable operating ranges for your geothermal wells.

To increase your geothermal project economics, our focus remains on long run life and stable high rate production.


Publications worth sharing:

SPE-204524-MS – Geothermal ESP challenges


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