Heavy Oil ESP

Heavy Oil ESP

In several heavy oil fields, ESPs are the best choice for Artificial Lift Systems due to their ability to facilitate high production rates.

However, the fluid properties demand a lot of sensitive ESP systems.

In heavy oil fields, a prudent ESP design is also a fundamental component of successful Artificial Lift operations.

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How can we support you?

The team at Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE has extensive knowledge in ESP applications for heavy oil fields (up to 1000 cP dry viscosity).

In some fields it may be necessary to execute detailed test programs in special ESP pump test stands to fully reflect the impact of your oil on the pump stages.

Of course, we are ready to support you with preparation, execution and analysis of these pump tests.

With the knowledge about the derating of the system due to viscosity, we can adapt the ESP design, making it fit for purpose in your heavy oil field. 


Publications worth sharing:

SPE-173948-MS – Heavy oil application


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