High Speed Slim ESP

High Speed Slim ESP

For the application of ESPs in deep, long, horizontal, shale wells, high speed ESPs may be the perfect solution for you.

In these systems, the necessary head of the stages is boosted to double the normal frequency instead of stacking countless numbers of ESP stages on each other. Thereby, the overall ESP system reliability can be improved.

Additionally, the operating range of those systems is significantly larger than for conventional ESP systems, which gives extra flexibility for the pumping operation.

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How can we support you?

The Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE team actively follows technology development of high speed ESPs for application in smaller diameter casings.

In this application, we also follow our approach of expert service, from sandface-to-separator.

From early design phase until execution and production optimization, we care for your system.

We account especially for changing reservoir parameters over time, making your ESP system as flexible as possible and resistant against potential flowback of proppant.


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