GL – Gas Lift

The EXCELLENCE of Gas Lift:

Continuous, intermittent and plunger assisted Gas Lift (GL) are all classified within the category of standard Artificial Lift methods.

Especially in offshore subsea and remote areas, GL is the preferred Artificial Lift method whenever produced gas is available as lift gas due to its low maintenance (mainly done on WL).

The injection of lift gas to the production stream seems to be trivial; but actually, it offers a wide potential for low performance and inefficient operation when designed or operated incorrectly.

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How can we support you?

The perfect (flexible, maintenance free, reliable and resistant) Gas Lift (GL) design is considered an art for many engineers.

Many years of experience may be necessary to find the best set-up of different valve types, setting depths, and operating pressures.

We support you in the selection of the right GL method, initial design, installation and operating procedures. 

Interpretation of GL charts is one of our favourite activities, as the production optimization simulations of whole gas lifted fields to get the most oil of your available lift gas.

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