Rod Pumps

The EXCELLENCE of Rod Pumps:

Sucker Rod Pumps (SRPs) were already producing oil in the 19th century, when worldwide oil production was still in its cradle.

Downhole rod pumps represent a standard reciprocating Artificial Lift method with a simple plunger-barrel concept.

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How can we support you?

Despite the simplicity of a standard SRP, it is extremely important for every single part to be high quality. Especially so for the barrel, plunger and valves, all of which need to be in perfect shape in order to facilitate a long run life in your wells.

Professional Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) according to API 11AX are cumbersome to prepare and execute. Let us support you in this matter!

Due to their application in low rate – low budget fields, SRP has a cheap image in the industry. However, especially under these economic conditions, long run lives, avoiding workovers and delaying buying new pumps are so important for your field economics!

But, with Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE, you can do so much more. From detailed failure analysis, we can develop tailor made solutions, design adaptations and quality assurance plans for you. We look at the bigger picture – quality and design of pumps, the rod string and pumping unit, the operating environment and procedures – all to find a way to produce more, longer, better.

In addition, we know countless special parts offered in order to tackle specific challenges of your SRPs (eg…gas/sand production and crooked holes).

We are also experts who can support you in designing new special parts, deviations from API 11AX, wherever necessary.


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