Hydraulic Long Stroke Rod Pump

Hydraulic Long Stroke Rod Pump

For the application of Sucker Rod Pumps (SRPs) in deep shale fields, it can be beneficial to control the speed of the rod string during downstroke. This puts significantly less stress on the rod string, which makes longer pump run lives possible.

Additionally, the longer stroke length can significantly reduce rod wear by using less load cycles for the same pumping rate.

The small footprint of the hydraulic surface unit makes it possible to use conventional downhole rod pumps in confined areas, on densely populated well plots and even offshore.

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The surface pumping unit of standard SRPs is usually looked at just twice – at design and first installation.

At Artificial Lift EXCELLENCE, we evaluate pumping units in much more detail and with dedication, especially with hydraulic long stroke units.

To use the whole potential of hydraulic long stroke units, some careful design of its installation and operation is needed. The smart operation control of the hydraulic drive is an especially key task on the system’s overall efficiency.

Needless to say, digitalization of the pumping unit operation represents a great asset for increasing the efficiency of this Artificial Lift method.

In addition to the above, we care for your downhole pump parts as usual.

We know each downhole pump part by heart, and we look for optimization of downhole pump, tubing and rod string.


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SPE-192497-MS – LSPS for Unconventionals


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